Non-Surgical Knee Pain Relief


Example of the amazing results!
Example of the amazing results!

Non Surgical Knee Pain Relief  (Video!)

Knee pain is a debilitating condition that can lead to a miserable life.  Pain with climbing stairs, inability to get down into a squat position, knee pain that wakes you up at night, swelling, throbbing and misery all lead to a terrible state of affairs for knee pain sufferers.  Knee pain affects almost 15% of the US population at any given time and the prevalence is increasing as we have more and more sedentary lifestyles, and as out waist lines continue to grow.

Knee pain can be describes as burning, aching, sharp or dull pain, it can radiate to the thigh or to the calf, knee pain can be complicated by numbness and  tingling in the joint itself, and pins and needles in the legs and feet.  Knee arthritis can cause knees to get hot, turn red, swell and throb and can cause grinding sensations and popping and clicking sounds with movement.

Knee pain is often unrelenting; every step hurts, standing is intolerable, and getting away from the pain can be a challenging task, especially of your work requires you to sit or stand for long periods of time. Knee pain can lead to missed opportunities, decrease quality of life and spiral into depression and poor long term outlook.

Unfortunately, in the past the traditional treatments have not been successful as a long term solution to this problem.  Steroid shots, narcotic pain relievers, over-the-counter pain meds and “minor” procedures designed to “scope” or create scar tissue have very poor outcomes for sufferers.  These knee pain patients are often told they need to suffer with their problem as long as they can stand and then undergo an invasive and painful knee reconstruction or partial or total knee replacement surgery. The patient then must undergo extensive and painful post-operative physical therapy and even with this the return to a normal life is not a guarantee.

At Benchmark Medical Group in Windsor, Colorado, we may have a solution for you if you are suffering with knee pain.  We offer many different therapies that can reduce pain, improve strength, increase joint space and range of motion and improve functional ability.  Many of these therapies are used in conjunction with each other while combined with a weight-reduction program that often has the patient pain free and functioning better than ever in a relatively short time.  The rehabilitation techniques are not known by most providers and the results we have seen in hundreds of patients is incredibly promising for improving the quality of life for those who are suffering, whilst being safe and non-invasive.

If you or someone you know is dealing with knee pain and they are sick and tired of “putting up” with this chronic and painful condition, we may have a solution to your suffering!  Call today and inquire about our packages to see if you are a candidate for these cutting-edge and innovative therapies.

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