Newsletter 2 | August 2015

Windsor Colorado Fitness and Weight Loss


Every Tuesday evening at 5:30 pm Dr Jason Haas delivers a complimentary seminar about a variety of health related topics. How to maintain a balanced diet, the effects of stress, and energy sustaining foods are just a few amongst many interesting subjects. His expert public speaking skills are inspirational and he breaks all the technical jargon down into layman’s terms. Following the seminar there is the opportunity for new people to ask questions and go through the basics of the nutritional counseling program. As a reward, Benchmark Dollars will be presented to those who bring new guests along to the classes.


We are receiving rave reviews from our physical therapy patients about the overall effectiveness of the Vertical Training System. They are experiencing increased strength, mobility and balance. The amazing thing about the VTS is how much you can gain physically in such a small amount of time. A typical session only takes 10-15 minutes and engages over 200 muscles simultaneously, while tapping into the sympathetic nervous system. We have some more equipment on order and will have classes up and running very soon. VTS is a brilliant addition to any exercise and rehabilitation program.

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Benchmark Medical Group will be a key sponsor at the event and we are looking forward to showing our support for Les. The former Eagles ice hockey player was in a motorcycle accident which rendered him paralyzed from the waist down. Les is still very much connected to ice hockey and commentates for the local game season.


The school year has kicked off and there are sixty new teachers hired in the district. We were at the breakfast to support the new teachers and donated some vouchers for their goody bags. Teachers play such an integral part in the children’s development, so we want them to be as healthy as possible. Benchmark has initiated some wellness talks for teachers at some of the local schools. Dr Sandy Haas will be touching on topics such as stress to combat fatigue and promote wellbeing.

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