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Honesty in our health can be the hardest part. We have to be constantly honest with ourselves and yet we have to have a strong belief that we will get better.

Honestly, not everyone recovers from trauma, not everyone heals. Sadly, we see people taken in the prime of their lives succumb to total disability as a result of the injuries, crashes, and poor choices they have made. People are taken from us years too soon because of the cruelty and brutal honesty that is a reality in this world.

But, we must believe, we must know that we will improve, we can grow and advance, feel better and look better. No one will ever accomplish those things without first believing it can be done. Then, knowing deep down that you can heal, taking constant and never ending action steps toward achieving that goal! Ultimately, with the help of a great team, taking profound and direct action toward those goals will lead to life changing experiences, sensations, relationships and moments.

We have to know deep in our hearts that we will continue to improve. We can love harder. We can feel more joy. We can move better, run faster and we can help more people experience love when we are all healthier! We can and we must live a life deeper than the pain and suffering that we are feeling now. That belief is a MUST in the process of change and growth and healing. But we must remain honest.

In the healing process, we have to balance that deep firm belief that we can heal and be better, with honesty. Not everyone is going to climb every mountain. Not everyone is going to reach the pinnacle of financial success, relationship perfection, a perfect body or absolute enlightenment. We know when we have physical, mental, intellectual, psychological and other limitations, and in dwelling on this we can devastate ourselves with honest assessment of our limitations.

But we cannot let our limitations get in the way of our real goals. In spite of what we think we cannot accomplish, we must continue on toward the goal. We must believe in the future, understanding that healing takes time and that we must be patient with our own limitations. We believe in our body’s ability to heal itself, we must put faith in our doctors and make daily changes to get back to normal. We must strengthen our own personal faith with whatever our soul and spirt call us to accomplish. We must never give up on our faith in the ability for our bodies to heal, our perseverance in the process of healing and we must believe that our health can and will get better.

Real honesty doesn’t have to strive for perfection. However, our health can improve from our current situation. Realizing that we have limitations and then proceeding in order to make it better NOW is what matters. If you can suffer 25% less because of the actions and choices you make, imagine how much more love you could feel, what you could think about, how much you could accomplish and experience! We know that you may not be able to run 10 flights of stairs without pain, but we can work with the 13 steps in your house so you can live pain free.

There are solutions, and we can show you have to get better. One step at a time. Day after day until you are feeling better, moving better, looking better and thinking clearer. As a human being, you are amazing! You are no different than those other humans that have swam across oceans, travelled to the moon, split atoms and saved millions. When you are ready to change your life, we can show you how. Believe in yourself. You can heal.

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