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Life can be such a struggle. You feel like you take two steps back and maybe, if you’re having a great day, 1 step forward. Life can sometimes feel like trying to run a marathon in waste deep chocolate, or on worse days, rapidly drying concrete. Life can beat you down, make you feel that there is no hope and sometime life can feel like you’re trying to find the gold in the deepest, darkest mine on the planet.

I know. I’ve been there too. I have experienced the depths of pain and understand how much it can damage us. It can make us lose our drive to live, the pain can push us to self-destructive behaviors, thoughts and even lead us to do things that we instantly regret. The pain of life can lead to tremendous suffering. When my father was dying, I felt pains that I did not know I could feel. The loss of a child, a sibling, a mother, father or close and dear friend can propel us to self-destruct and set the life stage for suffering and pain. The loss of a pet, the stress of daily life, and the constant hum of the media we are exposed to all have their consequences on our health, our well-being, and on our ability to cope with this world and the burdens that we place upon ourselves and the burdens that are placed upon us.

It appears that life is struggle. It looks like even the best of us who look like they have everything they could ever dream of, and have the life that other long for, still are struggling. The wealthiest among us still suffer from the pain of loss, of grief, of addiction, torment and struggle. The tabloids and headlines revel in the glorious defeat of those that appear to have everything together.

The truth is that very few people make a concerted and continual effort to really have it all together. And effort is what it ultimately takes! Most people neglect one or several aspects of their life, refuse to confront the problems and try to gloss over and act like there is never anything wrong with them or their life. When in reality, we are all suffering, we all have pain and we all have a need and desire to try to better ourselves, our current situation and many times, we simply don’t know how.

I understand. You don’t know where to start with turning your live around. I get it. You feel that the choices that you have made have led you to a place where you can say, “What’s the point?”, or “What difference does it make? I’m going to suffer either way?” These questions are valid and can often be legitimate. If the life choices that you have made are so dire that every aspect of your life is turmoil, there are going to have to be very, very serious changes if there is any hope of turning your life around.

If you are seeking an answer to your questions about how you can turn your life around, we may have solutions. The answer is unbelievable simple. You, yes you, you need to focus on YOU! You need to make everything that you think about, everything that you say, everything that you do, and everything that you put into your body be only those things that are empowering you, that are causing you to grow, to learn and to improve! Then and only then, will the things that you do, think, say, consume, feel, touch and experience will empower you!

You are the master and commander of the ship that you call life. You have the choice to make the correct and empowering decision in every aspect of your life. Choose wisely! The choice you make will influence your kids, your relationships, your future and your plans for the future! Make the wrong choice once or twice and hopefully you will re-correct, but make the wrong choice over-and-over and you will find yourself suffering with the consequences of your actions. Choose every action in life as if your life absolutely depended upon it!

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