Lower Back Pain (Spinal Stenosis)

If You Experience Any Of The Symptoms Below, It’s Time To Act Now!

  • Low Back pain
  • Pain that radiated from the low back to the legs and feet
  • Numbness and tingling in the legs and feet
  • Inability to straighten posture without increased low back pain
  • Weakness and loss of function in the legs


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Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis is the narrowing of the canals or “tubes” that carry the spinal cord, or the spinal nerve roots. As the nerves are very pressure and pain sensitive, only a small amount of stenosis can have very serious and dire consequences.

Many times the compression of the spinal cord has been slowly progressing due to poor posture and injury. Spinal stenosis can cause the posture to worsening with slow progression of a “bent-at-the-waist” posture and an inability to straighten due to pain. Stenosis is worsened by carrying belly fat as this increases compression of the lumbar spine and can lead to worsening of symptoms.


Once the cause of the symptoms has been determined, the doctors at Benchmark Medical Group can prescribe many therapies to help with the pain and disability of spinal stenosis.

Physical therapy on the Power Plate can improve leg weakness, improve strength and flexibility and improve function. CBP Structural rehabilitation can lessen the abnormal posture; improve the mobility and function of the lumbar spine. Class IV K-Laser can improve pain and circulation and reduce the scar tissues and stiffness associated with stenosis.

Benchmark has helped 1000’s of patients with spinal stenosis, follow the prescribed treatment and we can help you too!

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