Lose the Muffin Top!

Weight loss is important for many people who wish to look better, fit into old jeans and prepare their bodies for the beach.  People often desire to lose weight for reasons of personal appearance.  This is fine, however healthy body weight and body fat go way beyond just looking good; it can save your life!

Studies have shown that if you are carrying weight around your waist, this excess body fat is not only unsightly if you’re pants are too small, it can also have a serious detrimental effect on the function of your internal organs.  The front of the abdomen, between the organs and the wall of abdominal organs, contains a sheet of body fat called the omentum.  This omentum should be a relatively thin layer of fat that is designed to protect the organs from blows to the abdomen.

However, if the waist size increases and the belly grows, it not only means that there is more fat on the outside of the muscle, the omentum can grow in size too.  This can be a very dangerous situation as when the omentum grows too large it can interfere with the function of many vital organs, including the liver, pancreas, stomach and intestines, and bowel and colon.

Most people who wish to lose weight want to lose the fat around their waist, however most exercise and diet programs do not specifically target this area of fat.  Fortunately, medical weight loss targets body fat in ways that other diets simply do not and the combination of a medical weight loss program with the Powerplate® exercise can have this area shrinking fast.

Our medical weight loss programs specifically target fat loss, and we are able to measure this fat loss only with our Tanita® body composition analyzer. This enables us to track the fat loss and inch loss of our patient’s very closely and demonstrates that the weight that they lose is not in the form of protein or muscle mass, but fat only. This is very important because as the body loses weight, the goal is to preserve lean muscle mass and proteins as muscle is a protein as well as most organs.  If a diet focuses on weight loss only, a certain percentage of the loss may be from protein or organs and this can lead to dysfunction of those organs.

Targeting fat and completing the job of improved tone, lost cellulite, and toned skin with the Powerplate® is the perfect combination for better health and better bodies!  If you are tired of having to squeeze into pants that used to fit, tired of being sick and tired, and if you’re ready to start on the path toward better health, call us today to learn how our programs differ so much from the other diet and fitness plans out there. Don’t delay, call today!

Dr. Jason W. Haas

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