Longevity starts with healthy weight!

benefitsofb12Longevity starts with healthy weight!


Do you want to live a long a productive life?  Do you see yourself energetic, active and healthy late into life?  Do you know what your future holds and how much your weight and body composition play in achieving your goals?

Having a better body makes you feel good and look good.  It’s pretty obvious, when you are at a healthy weight  your clothes fit better, your joints don’t hurt and you have the energy, stamina and vitality that healthy weight brings easily.  If you have a healthy body fat percentage, BMI and healthy weight, you are less likely to die from the biggest killers of Americans! Heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes risk can all be lessened with improved body composition and a closer to normal weight.

But what is normal?  Fortunately, like other physiological measurements of blood pressure, pulse, respiration rate and blood sugar, normal body composition has also been established and getting to within these normal limits can give you a better quality of life, better life insurance rates, less pain, better digestion and overall better health!

Women should have a body fat percentage between 18-28%, men should be in the range of 10-20% body fat.  These body fat measurements are best found on very specialized equipment, like the InBody520 body composition analyzer that we have at Benchmark Medical Group.

If you have body fat that is above these recommended ranges, you will most likely experience joint pain, less energy, poor sex drive, and fatigue! Conversely, if you have body fat percentages below this range, you can damage you immune system, women can stop menstruation, and overall health can suffer.  Getting into the range will get you looking and feeling better and you will decrease your chance of premature death significantly!

If you are struggling with weight and want real scientific answers to your troubles, the medical weight loss program at benchmark may be just the solution you are looking for.  We have helped thousands of people get fit, toned, and  within normal weight limits using our scientific and repeatable program.

If you have tried other programs and lost weight, but put it back on as soon as the program finished, what did you really accomplish? We can teach you how to lose body fat quickly and safely, give you valuable information on food combining, recipes for delicious healthy food, and lifestyle nutrition support to get you to your goal body weight and keep it off!

What are you waiting for?  The days of tight clothes, poor energy, health risks and poor quality of life can quickly be a part of the distant Waist Sizepast!  Our program changes lives, are you ready to change yours?









For more information about our weight loss programs, please see: http://benchmarkmedicalgroup.com/services-knee-pain/medical-weight-loss-and-nutritional-program To hear what our patients are saying about our amazing facility, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Benchmark-Medical-Group/265366261277?sk=reviews

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