Leveling the Foundation

Can you build a house from the top down? No. Can you expect your home to last generations if the foundation is crooked? No.  Mudjacking, or the act of injecting concrete into the foundation of your house can level the foundation and cause the cracks in the attic go away, allow the doors and windows to close properly and can equalize the pressure on the structure so the house will last longer under the constant loads caused by gravity.

What about your spine? If the foundation of your spine is unlevel, you may see changes in how you walk, how your clothes fit on one side compared to the other and over time, the abnormal loads that are placed on the joints will cause them to wear out faster than they normally would. If you’ll pay to have your house leveled, don’t you think it would be wise to know the magnitude of difference in your foundation to your nervous system? Of course!

There have been numerous analyses over the years to determine if one leg is shorter or longer than the other, these have been refined and we at Benchmark have a way to determine within a millimeter the differences in your leg lengths.  Most adults have a difference in the long bones of the legs and this difference can be miniscule to very significant.  Either way, without a very specific x-ray, it is nearly impossible to determine the difference.  Tape measurements on the skin from the hip to the ankle are unreliable.  Visual measurement of the heels of the feet is unreliable, and worse yet, many practitioners who find the differences do nothing to address the underlying anatomical difference!

This problem starts in the teen years when the long bones are developing.  They do not always grow symmetrically and when those bones harden into adult bone, there can be a major difference in the length of the bones.  This can lead to numerous problems including, but not limited to, an increase in disc herniation, low back pain, accelerated hip joint degeneration, and the subsequent pain and disability that follow.

These anatomical leg length differences cannot be manipulated away.  Manipulation of the lumbar spine, pelvis, or sacroiliac joints cannot make bones that are done growing grow longer! Only proper orthotic inserts and lifts can accomplish a leveling of the foundation.  In leveling the foundation of the spine and posture with these orthotics, we often see resolution of abnormal shoe wear, tilted postures and, in many cases a resolution of pain and dysfunction.

If you suspect that you may have a difference in your leg lengths, don’t delay!  Every day you walk around on an uncorrected leg length difference, gravity is working against you and accelerating the degenerative process.  We at Benchmark Medical Group have a reliable, repeatable, and scientific analysis that will help us determine if you are a candidate for orthotics or shoe lifts. We may have a solution to your suffering that you cannot find elsewhere.  Call us today to see if we can help you or your loved ones!

Dr. Jason W. Haas

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