Pain that originates in nerves can transmit painful sensations along the course of the nerves affected, leading to leg – arm pain. The pain can come from several origins and is often related to disc herniation, compression of nerves by bony prominences, fibrous adhesions along the course of the nerve sheath. Know Your Leg – Arm Pain before its too late.

Scar tissue around the nerve and the root where the nerve exits can also cause this leg – arm pain. This pain generally is described as sharp and will report to shoot from close to the torso along the arm or the leg in predictable patterns.

These patters of radiating nerve pain or Radicular pain can lead astute clinicians to the source of the problem. Following a thorough history, exam and consultation at Benchmark Medical Group, the doctors will determine if you are a candidate for our rehabilitation protocols to help you with your leg and arm pain. Suffering with leg – arm pain is unnecessary. Call today to find out how to change your current painful condition.

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