IV Nutrition & Detoxification Therapy can improve cellular function with specific nutrients.  These nutrients, when given intravenously can improve the function of target tissues and lead to a reduction in the fundamental cause of several symptoms and disorders.


Quality Matters

  • Individually Tailored Treatments
  • Preservative Free
  • No Artificial Colors or Additives
  • High Quality Control Standards

IV nutrient drip therapy involves using an intravenous injection to infuse essential nutrients including important vitamins, minerals, and amino acids directly into a patient’s bloodstream at higher levels than could be ingested or absorbed orally because the stomach and intestines have an absorption threshold that when reached will absorb no more. IV therapy can be used to treat patients suffering from a wide variety of disfunction and disease. While a broad variety of nutrients can be infused, some of the most common include:

  • Vitamin C
  • Glutathione
  • MSM
  • Magnesium                                                                                                                                           *Results may vary person to person


The IV is packed with Phosphatidylcholine. This important phospholipid helps up regulate the production and flow of bile help- ing to clear out toxins stored in the liver. The added Glutathione helps neutralize and eliminate toxins.


This IV increases ATP- the energy currency in the body and was created for the Weekend athlete (or professional) that wants to boost their training efforts and performance before the big race or event. Enhanced with extra amino acids and B Vitamins the effects of this IV Nutrition & Detoxification therapy include up regulating mitochondrial function. Mitochondria transform the oxygen we breathe into energy, which is especially important in the heart and muscle tis- sue. These tissues have a high-energy demand and increased energy production means optimal performance.


During sports muscles get damaged from microscopic tears and trauma, which causes delayed onset muscle soreness. Our popular Recovery IV gets nutrients and electrolytes to tissues fast. High in Antioxidants and minerals, this IV promotes healing and repair; replenishing and relaxing tired or strained muscles.

Myer’s “Replenish” Cocktail

A Myer’s Cocktail can be used to treat a broad variety of conditions, including infections, cold and flu, fatigue, depression, hypertension just to name a few. Some of the most common ingredients in Myers’ Cocktail are magnesium, calcium, B vitamins, and vitamin C.” This IV takes only 15-30 minutes. This is our most popular IV drip. Many patients made this a weekly/ monthly ritual.

Clarify Cocktail

The Clarity is an IV for those that are feeling mentally cloudy or what is more commonly called “Brain Fog”. Many of the toxins in our environment are fat soluble and collect in cell membranes. The accumulated toxins disrupt membrane receptor function, which in turn slows down cellular metabolism especially as it relates to the fatty tissues of the brain. The Clarity IV neutralizes and kicks out these toxins replacing them with nutrients to enhance brain and neurotransmitter activity.

Why IV?

People ask, “Why IV?” This is an excellent question because the cost of the IV therapies can be much more than taking the nutrients orally.

However there are several nutrients that cannot get to target tissues when taken orally and many of the IV nutrient therapies are at dosages that are too high for the stomach and gut to tolerate. Thus giving the nutrients through an IV is an excellent way to get the nutrients directly into the cells so they can have the most amount of functional benefit. The typical dosages of nutrients in oral form are based on the RDA (recommended daily allowance) this is the bare minimum required to prevent deficiencies.

The nutrients do not have a therapeutic effect at the low levels and thus the dosages are often many times greater than the RDA. This high dosage would be a problem if the substances given were drugs or pharmaceuticals, however because they are normal and necessary nutrients for the body, they can very safely be given at relatively high dosages. IV’s are a much more effective way to get nutrients into the body to have the greatest effect. For example, many people take vitamin C to ward off colds or boost their immune systems.

IV Nutrition & Detoxification is effective, however the dosages that most people can tolerate are 4-8 grams and then they get intestinal upset and often diarrhea. This means that the stomach and intestines have a threshold of absorption and after that limit is reached, the body will absorb no more.

IV is different in that there is no pathway for the vitamin C to go through the stomach so the body can absorb so much more of the nutrient, often 25-75 grams! This high dosage allows every cell in the body to benefit from the nutrient and make the metabolic, healing, and functional improvements in the cells to occur much faster. Quality Matters! At Benchmark Medical, we only want the best for our patient and we will not risk anything when it comes to injecting any substance into the body!

We use only products that are preservative free and contain no artificial ingredients or additives. Our injection products are shipped overnight or same day from our suppliers and we perform quality control measures on all of the injectable nutrients. The cost is a little more but the outcomes are worth the extra expense. Healing cells from within Many health conditions have an underlying cause that can be traced back to inflammation. Often this inflammation occurs in the gut, where we are supposed to absorb our nutrients. If a person is suffering from any bowel or gut inflammation, the nutrients that are necessary to heal the gut and alleviate any other systemic inflammation will not be absorbed, but will pass through the system without any benefit. All IV Nutritional and Detoxification Therapies are individually tailored to each patient’s specific needs. The following are some features and benefits of some of the Intravenous Therapies offered at Benchmark Medical Group, each patient is treated differently and not everyone is a candidate for these amazing IV’s.

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