Healthful Purpose

What is driving you? What is the one aim that you have that you strive to achieve? Having a purpose is an incredibly important part of the human experience, without a purpose or a goal, you will just float through life aimlessly. When one focuses on health as their purpose, many other avenues of achievement and life enrichment open up.

 Healthful purpose essentially means that the actions that you take throughout your day are directed at increasing your overall wellbeing.  The liquids you drink, the food you eat, the activities you perform and the thoughts you have, should all have a goal of making you healthier.   Having this single pointed focus on health will eventually become a habit, and over time the habit will become unconscious.  This is the first step in achieving many other successful endeavors.  Increasing your health can make you happier, strengthen your relationships, and even make you wealthier. When you’re healthy, you can do so many more activities than if you are sick or suffering.

Health is a choice that must be made regularly.  We live in a world where temptation toward poor health is all around us. Convenience stores loaded with junk tempting us when we’re just trying to pay for our gas, grocery stores with huge displays of doughnuts, incessant commercials for pizza and soda, all of these are a part of our world and shutting them out is impossible.  However, we do not need to give into these temptations if we constantly move toward the benefits that making healthful purpose-driven choices will give us.

Better health choices can give us better bodies, healthier hair, skin and nails, better sleep, improved endurance and better breathing. Healthful choices can improve our mood, and drive us to try things we’ve never done before.  When we’re healthy we can work longer and more efficiently, think clearer, and do things that add excitement and enrichment to our lives.

Personally, having a healthful purpose has given me an incredible opportunity to help others.  If I was overweight, suffering with pain or ill from poor health choices, I couldn’t help my patients as effectively as I can when I’m healthy. If I wasn’t healthy, I wouldn’t enjoy my time with my kids as much as I do, I couldn’t take advantage of the incredible outdoor opportunities that Colorado provides and I wouldn’t have the strength, endurance, and drive that is necessary to be the best doctor I can be.  Having a healthful purpose allows me to have a much better life and it all comes down to my choices.

So the next time you are presented with a temptation or a choice that can make you either healthier or not, I hope you make the right decision because the little acts add up to either a life filled with wellbeing, joy and health, or sickness and suffering.  If you’d like to learn more about making healthful choices for yourself or your family, contact me and I can be there to coach you in the process of living with a more healthful purpose.

Dr. Jason W. Haas

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