Give ‘till it hurts!

There is no better sense of achievement than to see the fruits of your labor. When we work hard and devote our time to a task or project, and the project comes to fruition, the feeling is nearly indescribable. The penultimate feeling is when your life is dedicated to giving.

While I was in school, there was a large painted sign on campus that read, “To Give, To Love, and To Serve from your own Abundance.” This statement really resonated with me from the beginning and it is a motto that I have tried to apply to my life daily. Giving from our abundance is one of the most rewarding experiences I can think of.  It is an exceptional feeling seeing true generosity at work and it never ceases to amaze me how when you give expecting nothing in return, how much really comes back to you. It always seems that the more that I give, the more that I get! Unexplainable!

Loving from abundance is really easy for me.  I grew up with incredible loving and happy parents and it was instilled into me from an early age the importance of sharing love with the people around me.  Having children just reinforces how much love is out there. Seeing our kids express love and loving them so deeply gives such a tremendous feeling.

Serving is a major part of my life. I feel that the majority of my time is spent serving others, be it my patients, my employees, my family or other community members, serving is an integral part of my life. The rewards of giving service to those in need create very satisfying feelings of accomplishment. As there is deep comfort knowing that I am serving from my own abundance that is regenerated by those who serve me.  The cycle enables me to serve more and more and the rewards to me and those around me do not go unnoticed.

It never ceases to amaze me how important giving, loving, and serving are. The benefits of giving others a more healthful purpose and healthful life leads to mu own health improving. I see that the more I love those around me, the more love I receive. The more I serve the more service I receive. Cycles of interdependence reinforce how powerful our actions truly are.  So remember the next time you are looking to get something out of this life, give something first and chances are, what you desire will come flooding your way!

Dr. Jason W. Haas

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