Getting Back on Track!

Many people over-indulge during the holiday season.  Maybe you didn’t intend to over eat or stretch a one day feast into a 4 day bender, but these things sometimes happen.  The most important thing to do now is to get back on track!

This is not always easy as the emotional and psychological toll from this over indulgence often propels people into thinking that there is no hope and the overeating continues past Christmas and into the New Year.  The average American puts on 7 pounds in a year and the majority of this occurs during the holiday season.

First, you need a coach!  If you are going to try to do this on your own, good luck! Having no one to be accountable to is a dangerous way to start a weight loss program and I highly recommend that you get a coach to help you on this journey. Our coach, Hope is the best!

Second, you need to have some support around you.  If you tell your co-workers and family that you are concerned about your health, they will be much less likely to flaunt the junk in your face or pressure you into temptation.  Better yet, get your spouse or a friend or co-worker to join you in achieving your goal, it is always easier to have people around you supporting and joining you.

Third, you need the right program.  It has been said that healthy weight is 30% exercise and 70% diet.  I firmly believe this, it is nearly impossible to exercise yourself thin and if you exercise wrong and don’t supply adequate protein in the process, you run risk of losing precious muscle or organ proteins.

I have become such a believer in our medical weight loss programs.  We have seen hundreds of patients lose inches, fat and weight, have had many patient be taken off their prescription medications and have seen health return in less time than other programs. The combination of eating real food, supplying adequate protein and focusing on the long term health goals make this program unbeatable.

If you have a breakdown and cheated, it is so important to not beat yourself up over this!  You can overcome this transgression and with our coaching classes and support structure, we will be here to help you.  Health can be restored, we can give you the tools and the programs that will enable you to achieve your goals and this best time to do a program like this is NOW!

If you start your New-Years resolution of getting healthy and losing weight now, you will be so far ahead of schedule and you will see results fast!  So if you are ready to change your life and get back to being the healthy person you want to be, contact us today!

Dr. Jason W. Haas

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