Getting a Non-Runner to RUN!

I have never like running.  Even back in school playing football, I was a RUNNINGback and I hated to run. I always felt like the pounding was jarring my knees and my back and I never felt that elusive “runner’s high” that everyone talked about.  So I didn’t run. Period.

Well, fast forward 25 years and I’m in great shape, I have low bodyfat, an excellent cardiovascular system and I feel like I’m in the best shape of my life and I never run! That is, until now.

A few months ago we acquired for the practice the Alter-G treadmill.  This device is one of the most spectacular rehabilitation tools I have ever seen.  A large inflatable bag goes around your waist and the machine calibrates your weight and the bag inflates.  As it inflates, it effectively removes bodyweight so that you can walk, jog, run or sprint at a fraction of what your bodyweight would be on a regular treadmill, or on the street!

So now, I can run!  I absolutely love the fact that I can run distances, run sprints and intervals, and there is no pain when I’m done!  I usually run at about 70% of my bodyweight and this allows me to prevent the pounding and jarring that would occur if I was running on the street or on a regular treadmill.  I never imagined that after so many years of never running and really hating it that I’m not only enjoying it, I LOVE IT!

There are many different people out there with many different health goals, fortunately, we have the tools that can help almost anyone achieve their health goals.  If you are totally sedentary and just want to be able to walk without pain and suffering, we can help!  If you are an athlete or a marathon runner and you’re looking to shave time, or reach the next level of competitiveness, we can help!  The tools that we have at Benchmark Medical Group can propel you to new heights in how you feel, how you look, and what you can do. We can transform your body!

We can help amputees get back to normal strides and gait, we can help those who have had a recent hip or knee replacement, lumbar disc injuries or pain and surgeries, and we can help so many more!  If you know someone who is into competitive running, jogs for fun, or if you or a loved one is suffering from poor health, please contact us so we can see if you are a candidate for our amazing transformational technology!


Dr. Jason W. Haas

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