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Tanned-Waist-Red-ClothesFitness NOW!

Are you tired of having to practically do gymnastics just to button your pants?  Is the burden of buying new clothes every few month a size bigger than last time weighing heavy on your mind (and pocketbook!)?  Are you tired of doing the same old gym routine with little to no new results to show for it?  Are you suffering from diseases like diabetes, heart disease, back or joint pain that is related to being overweight or obese? If you are ready to lose weight and get fit in a fun, innovative and exciting environment, we have a solution for you!  We have incorporated some amazing pieces of fitness technology to get you healthy in a safe and effective manner.  We have experience that is unparalleled in the use of Whole Body Vibration on the Power Plate™ coupled with TRX® Suspension training.  We can turn a weekend athlete into a competitive winner!  We can take a sedentary person with unfulfilled goals and transform them into a healthy, fit, motivated machine! We have many different fitness and weight loss programs that are created to meet your specific needs, desires and health goals. We strive to provide the detailed attention to getting you as fit as you desire to be with nutritional counseling, weight and lifestyle management as well as exercise classes that fit your needs. Furthermore, we assess and measure you Contact us today to see how one of our amazing programs may benefit you! We service Northern Colorado and are located in downtown Windsor, Colorado.Because of our measurement tools,  you can not only see the results in your new body, but also have the validation that you are losing weight, losing fat, gaining muscle, getting more strength, flexibility and endurance, improving fitness and changing all aspects of your life!

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