Early Spine Correction is Critical for Healthy Aging and Spinal Correction is Possible!

Early Spine Correction is Critical for Healthy Aging and Spinal Correction is Possible!

X-rayThe human spine is an amazing object; it houses the nervous system, which is the controller of all of the functions of the body and the spine completely protects this nervous system.  The spinal structure is some of the first tissue to develop in utero and completely encases and protects delicate nervous tissue which is the conduit for all of the information necessary to work every part of the body.  Well-functioning cells, tissues, organs, and all of the amazing things that humans can accomplish is due to the incredible power of the nervous system and it’s housing.

Unfortunately, this housing can be damaged by poor posture, too much sitting, weight gain, injuries and trauma and this damage has consequences. Normal developing spines that are not subjected to these damaging forces have better structural integrity, better functional ability and are less likely to cause pain and dysfunction.  Growth of the spine beginning early in life and then the amazing growth that takes place during the teen years depends on normal position and rapid treatment of injuries to make sure that minor problems do not compound in to issues with posture or any ability to perform tasks.  Small postural abnormalities can rapidly progress into terrible deformities if they are not treated early and intervention should always supersede “watchful waiting.” With spine correction quickly, this “watchful waiting” can be devastating.

Unfortunately, many people who have postural problems do not find out about these issues until they are adults.  The doctors that they visit, the chiropractors that “adjust” them, and most therapists that treat their injuries do not take into account and measure the importance of posture and spinal structure. This then leads to the nasty work of Wolff’s and Davis’ Laws that state that bone and soft tissues remodel to stresses! The remodeling leads to tissues changing their shape, bone spurs growing, discs degenerating and collapsing, and the eventual loss of function, strength and eventually disability.

The pain that comes with disability does not need to be part of your future!  Spinal correction is possible and spinal correction is one of the many amazing services that we offer at Benchmark Medical Group, Inc. in Windsor, Colorado.  Servicing Northern Colorado for more than a decade, the doctors and therapists at Benchmark Medical have the tools to correct these abnormal spines and postures and spinal correction can create a healthier, happier, more functional future!  If you are interested in seeing if you are a candidate for spinal correction, of if you know someone that is in need of spine correction, contact us today!

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