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Dr Sandy Haas | Windsor CO

I am so excited to be on this journey, and I am sharing it with you to help the people out there that may have some of these similar problems.  I have been suffering with health problems for years, but I have trained myself to not express these problems. I have become a very good actor. Well, that finally caught up with me last year when my stress levels and my health problems led me to pass out.

I struck my head very hard and had to face the fact that something was seriously wrong and I needed to change. At that time, I weighed 147 pounds, my body fat was too high and my blood work pointed to the signs of major thyroid issues, pre-diabetes, possible heart disease, adrenal fatigue and emotional duress.  

Since then I have been on a very strict journey to get my health under control. I have cut out nearly all “bad” carbohydrates, increased my exercise, and I am working on improving my posture, strength, and range of motion. I underwent many blood and laboratory tests designed to see if there are deficiencies in micro- or macro-nutrients that may contribute to these health problems.

I discovered that I am positive for carrying the MTHFR gene, which means I do not process certain B-vitamins properly and therefore have an increased risk of cancer and heart disease, along with many other potential conditions. In addition, I am positive for LipoProtein A (Lp a), which is a risk factor for heart disease.

Now that I have found these problems, I have used intermittent fasting, improved my hydration, started taking the correct nutrients, and I try to be in ketosis as frequently as possible. The results are beginning to show!  

I’m down 8 pounds, have lost body fat, my mood has improved and I am feeling better everyday! If any of you are suffering, if you’ve been told there is no cause to your health problems, or that it’s ” all in you head”, there may be a solution! I am living proof that digging deep and getting to the bottom of health problems is possible and you CAN turn your life around!

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I want to be as transparent as I can so I am sharing my lab results

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