Don't Ignore Your Pain | Windsor Pain Relief

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Don't Ignore Your Pain | Windsor Pain Relief

Injury has consequences. At the initial time of injury tissues are stretched and squeezed beyond what they can withstand and this stretching and compression causes cells to rupture and start a cascade of inflammation chemical signals that make the area hurt, red, swollen, and hot. Eventually the swelling and pain will cause a loss of function. Hopefully this function returns, but what you do about it makes all the difference.

If the injury is minor, the healing will occur and function will return. If the injury is more moderate, function may be limited for a much longer period of time and this loss of function can become permanent. When the injury is severe, the scar tissue that is created from the “healing” process can lead to constant and chronic pain, loss of function and eventually, disability.

Fortunately, there has been a tremendous amount of research conducted about the proper care and treatment of injured tissue. In the past, bedrest was often recommended for joint injuries and back pain. We now know that bedrest actually increases the chronic nature of pain and increases the likelihood of permanent problems. Movement as early as possible in non-fractured injuries and post surgically is very important if a complete return of strength, flexibility and function is expected.

With the right type of early treatment and therapy, pain can reduce much faster, swelling and range of motion will return much quicker than it would in the ”normal” healing process. If you have been injured in Windsor, Loveland, Greeley, Fort Collins, or anywhere in Northern Colorado, you need to know that there is a very big difference in who you choose to do your injury rehabilitation.

Fortunately at Benchmark Medical, we have the commitment and tools to get you out of pain as quickly as possible and we have the technology and therapists that you will not find elsewhere who can help you get your joints healing, the movement back in your neck and lower back and we can get you recovered faster than the “traditional” approach. Our team of physicians and therapists can give you the pain relief you need quickly and we can show you the best approach you can take to home care and getting as much of your pre-injury life back as quickly as possible.

There is a difference in structural and functional rehabilitation and the doctors at Benchmark use CBP® Structural rehabilitation in addition to other therapies such as our amazing K-Laser Technology, Power Plate pain relief techniques, and tissue healing IV’s.   We have a facility that can give you what you need to get out of pain quickly and get your tissues back to normal.

Then, once the pain is gone, we want to truly fix you! We want to see what made you susceptible to that injury in the first place. Was it muscle weakness? Poor balance? Slow reaction times? Lack of muscle mass? We don’t just want to get you to pre injury status, we have the tools to get you stronger, more flexible and in better shape than you’ve ever imagined. We can change your life if you give us the time and commitment!

Imagine having a body that makes you smile on the beach. Imagine having no pain at the company picnic football game. Imagine being able to keep up with your teenager! You do not have to continue suffering; if you have injuries, new or old, we have a way to get you feeling better, functioning better and living the life you deserve. What are you waiting for? Call! 970-686-9117

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