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Windsor Colorado Weight Loss and FitnessAlmost everyone wants to feel better. Many, many people want to look better. Almost everyone wants to lose “those last 10 pounds” and everyone want a perfect body. Is that even possible? Can a person really do what those pre and post pictures show? Can someone really lose 40, 50, 120 or more pounds? Do people really turn their life from fat to fit? The sad answer often is no.

Most people in this country never make it to their fitness goal. Most Americans find themselves wishing, hoping and praying for better health every January, only to be slapped by the realization that, come March, they are putting on more weight, and they find themselves getting more and more unhealthy every day. Most people who set a resolution to lose weight don’t get there and the stats are very scary showing us getting bigger and bigger every year.

Why? There are many reasons, of course. Lifestyle, mood, medications, access to equipment, financial excuses, illness, injury and on and on and on. People are not stupid. People know why they are getting bigger and sicker, the problem is they can’t seem to change the habits necessary to change their lifestyle to see real impact.

Change is seen as “hard” change is “uncomfortable”, but as painful and difficult as it may be, change is necessary to get to where you want to be. However, change is nearly never accomplished, and most people can’t change unless they have one element: a coach.

Everyone needs a coach in certain situations. Do you want to learn how to play piano? Easy, take lessons. Want to learn a new language? Get the CD “coach” and it’s a breeze. However, when people want to change their health they often fail to get the right coach, or no coach at all!

At Benchmark Medical in Windsor, we have many, many coaches. We have coaches that are there when you need a cheerleader pep-talk to keep you on track, and we have coaches that will honestly give you consequences and tell you what will happen if you don’t follow-through, and coaches who are there to celebrate when you make your goal. The difference in our coaches and the others out there simply comes down to experience and results.

Unfortunately, there are many theories on weight loss and muscle gain, there are many theories on how to improve strength, flexibility and improve quality of life. Many find these programs can lead to slow results, more pain and failed goals. Those programs do not look at every person as a unique individual and tailor a program just for you, you find yourself lacking explanation for why you are doing what they are asking, not understanding the action plan necessary to produce results, and finally you quit or leave because they were not addressing you needs. Sound Familiar?

Now this has become the state of affairs with American Healthcare! The most expensive healthcare in the world! Why? Hospital administration and Insurance had dictated that more “work” gets done with less time, fewer resources and fewer “real” people. Humans are being deleted from the experience of healthcare for humans!

At our private facility centrally located between Fort Collins, Loveland and Greeley, we see things differently. The doctors at Benchmark strive to take the time to understand all of your healthcare problems, we work together as a team to give the best, most evidence-based treatment programs and we work tirelessly with you to get to your goal. We have the experience, expertise, personnel and technology to get you to your goals, celebrate together, and then do the hard work of getting you to keeping your new body for as long as possible. We coach for sustainability!

If you are ready to completely change your life and find out what you are made of, we’re ready. If you want to see what kind of beautiful, fit & sexy person is inside of you, we can help. If you are just sick and tired of being sick and tired, we can HELP! If you are tired of watching your husband complain about his low back pain or you wife complaining about her constant headaches, call us, we can show you ways to strengthen your marriage, improve all of your relationships, and get you to the life-long goals you always dreamed about. Whether you just want to get out of pain or you want perfectly toned arms, ripped abs and shredded legs, what are you waiting for, call us! 970-686-9117

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