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Healthcare is changing.  This change is leading many physicians to stop practicing and many small private practices are becoming a part of larger, conglomerated medical entities.  Unfortunately, this change is leading more and more patients who report that they get less and less time with their doctors, and that they are not being listened to, and not given the time to ask questions before a hasty diagnosis is made and a drug is prescribed.  At Benchmark Medical Group, we want you in Northern Colorado to know that we will not treat you like this! We provide the most amazing and effective pain relief and so much more! If you are looking for pain relief Windsor, look no further! We strive to make sure that the care that is received is custom, personal healthcare and we take the time to listen and deliver AMAZING RESULTS.  Our Nurse Practitioner, Age Management physician, chiropractors, physical therapists, Laser technicians, dietician, massage therapists and other providers will take the time to find out what your desired results for improving your heath are; and we will work together to find a solution for you!  Whether you are looking to lose weight, reduce neck pain, back pain or headaches, looking to add muscle mass or rehabilitate a sports injury, lose cellulite, rebuild osteoporotic bones, or simply looking to get control of your health again, we will work with you to find a solution that impacts your life!

If you want to get your health under control and you are sick and tired of being sick and tired because of back pain, or the 50 pounds you’ve put on over the last few years, or the loss of libido that is crushing your marriage, we have providers that will work with you to show you how to achieve your goals. We at Benchmark Medical Group use the most advanced tools to determine if you are a candidate for our varied therapies and then sit down with you to throughly discuss exactly what it is you are looking to get out of committing to a health improving regimen.  We will discuss why you are suffering, talk about the choices you can make to prevent pain and suffering and give you valid, reliable ways to treat the health condition(s) you may wish to improve or overcome. A life full of suffering is not fulfilling!  If you want to start feeling what it’s like being pain free with great health, fitness, and a realistic ACTION PLAN for peak future health; then give us a call!  We have several special opportunities that can get you back to being the real you again!  If you are looking for value, look no further than Benchmark Medical Group located in central Windsor, CO. Call and ask about our new and cutting-edge Osteoporosis therapies, and our fitness and Body Sculpting specials. (LIMITED TIME OFFER!!)

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