Cellulite Protocols

As our patients lose weight and body fat on our program and approach their ideal weight goals, we are invariable asked about cellulite. Cellulite is the fat that is trapped below the skin and on top of the muscle.  It creates an unsightly appearance of an orange peel and often becomes more apparent as weight is lost.

We have several different approaches to cellulite that allow our patients to get rid of the cellulite and restore the smooth appearance they had in their youth.  First, it is important to understand that our cellulite protocols are not intended to cause weight loss.  This is best accomplished through our 4 phase medical weight loss programs.  Once the weight is lost, then we can focus our attention on the cellulite.

The cellulite protocol consists of removing nearly all dietary fat, with the exception of beneficial Omega 3 fatty acids. The protocol allows the person to use fat as an energy source, however; we also restrict the consumption of any saturated fat that may be found in meat.  This restriction allows the body to target the remaining fat that is trapped below the surface of the skin and allows for the cellulite to be “eaten up” by the body.  We also encourage a large intake of water and, combined with the specifics of the cellulite protocol, we will see results in as little as 2-3 weeks. Couple this with the Powerplate® which has been shown to reduce cellulite by as much as 25% in as little as six months and you’re well on your way to healthier, smoother skin!

The cellulite program is not intended for everyone and you should ask our coaches if you are a candidate for this protocol. Remember that this specific program is not intended for those who wish to lose weight or body fat but, for those who are at their ideal weight and would like to target just the trapped cellulite fat.  Call today or ask your coach at your next weigh-in how this program can benefit you!

Dr. Jason W. Haas

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