Cellulite Busters!

Cellulite is the unsightly “orange peel” appearance that occurs when fat is deposited and accumulated under the superficial layers of skin. Cellulite can occur in both men and women and there are several causative factors that play a role in its appearance.  Hormone imbalances that occur with weight loss and weight gain can play a role, these imbalances can be improved by detoxification of the body through a process of overall fat-loss and eating foods that do not re-deposit the fat.  Removing the substances that can cause cellulite to build-up by cleaning up the dietary intake can begin the process of reducing cellulite.

Genetics can also play a factor, but like other genetic problems, simply having the genes for the development of cellulite does not mean that those genes will express themselves. Metabolism related to genes can be improved through diet and exercise and circulatory problems that inhibit the fat from disappearing from under the skin can be improved with certain nutrients such as niacin and a thermogenic (heat-producing) fitness regimen.  The battle against genes expressing should begin early, so if you are young and are seeing cellulite form, get busy!  Taking the proper steps now can lessen the appearance of the cellulite over time.

Dietary factors may be the largest contributor to developing cellulite. Eating too many carbohydrates, especially when combing those with fat and throwing in too much sodium all make for a combination destined to deposit fat. Learning the safe way to reduce carbohydrates and understanding proper food combining is what our Tuesday night weight loss nutrition classes are designed for.  Once the understanding of how to properly combine foods and how to choose the right time to eat certain foods is foundational, a nutritional detox can occur that can help rid your body of the unsightly cellulite.

Powerplate™ vibration training, however, may be the fastest way to reduce the cellulite deposits.  The research into the Powerplate™ has shown that as little as 2 times per week for 12-20 minutes of Powerplate training can reduce the appearance of cellulite by as much as 25%! The unique vibration frequencies help mobilize the fat and tighten and tone the skin, to give a much smoother appearance.

If you are ashamed of showing your legs and thighs because of cellulite, you do not need to suffer anymore!  We have ways to reduce or eliminate your cellulite so you can regain the confidence you once had!

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