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Supercharge Your Immunity when you need it. . . .NOW!

This time of year seems to be the time when we shut the windows, stay inside and all too often, get sick. People frequently suffer from more colds and flus in the winter months, closed spaces, less sun and vitamin D and close quarters events all lead to the spread of these nasty bugs and viruses.

To safeguard yourself from infection it’s very important to remember these tips and tools to supercharge your immunity. Remember, you may get a virus and that may lead to infection symptoms including cough, runny and stuffy nose, congestion and body aches as well as fatigue. Most often, these symptoms are completely normal and should not be suppressed as this is the way that our natural immune system can learn how to recognize these invaders and overcome them. If symptoms worsen to productive cough with thick nasty green or brown phlegm, then it may be time to have your symptoms evaluated, but please remember that antibiotics are only for bacterial infections and ask about any complications, side effect and interaction of any drugs you are prescribed. Be informed!

Boost Up With D

Your immunity requires Vitamin D in order to fight infection, heal tissues, produce hormones and other vital chemical signal compounds for cells to “talk” to each other. We often find that we get greater amounts of Vitamin D in the Summer when we are outside more, but when the weather changes, who wants to be out in the cold with exposed skin? No one!

The key is, what is the right amount of Vitamin D supplements? Unfortunately, without testing, you cannot guess. To little has consequences like poor bone and muscle health and poor immunity and increased imbalances in hormones and too much can also have and impact on your mood and kidneys and muscles poorly. If you are interested in finding out exactly how much Vitamin D you need to be taking to make sure your body is pumping on all cylinders, call us, we can order the tests that will show us how well your immune system is functioning as well as your individual levels of Vit D. Once we know this, we can prescribe exactly the right amount!

The Amazing Ascorbate

Ascorbate has been used for 100’s of years to prevent and overcome many diseases that impact the immune system. Bone health, heart and muscle health, tendons, ligaments, hair skin nails, gut function, cancer-fighting, immune boosting, anti-bacterial and anti-viral are all terms that have been used to describe ascorbate over the years. Most people think I’m talking about Vitamin C, but ascorbate is so much more and so much better for getting the levels of this amazing vitamin c up in the blood cells. Once the levels get high enough, that’s when amazing changes start to occur. There is astonishing research on the cancer-protective effects of this substance and it has been implicated in restoring health and well-being to even the sickest and most chronically ill patients. This ascorbate is administered in an IV and the treatment time can be from 3-5 hours. It takes a while but it is incredibly worth it. If you are interested in seeing the amazing effects that Intravenous Ascorbate can have on you, call us! Make sure to ask about our specials.

Cocktail anyone?

No, I’m not talking about a gin and tonic. However, studies have shown that those that consume some alcohol are a little bit better at fighting colds. Nevertheless, the cocktail I’m talking about is the Meyer’s Cocktail ® this is an amazing IV that consists of nutrients and minerals designed to supercharge your cells and get everything the nutrient needed to function at their best. Patient reports improvements in hair, skin, nails, they report better gut health and better energy. They report better ability to fight colds and many state that if they get a Meyer’s at the beginning of any signs of illness, they can often prevent the cold from worsening. This amazing IV is also a bonus because patient will be in and out in 30-45 minutes.

Call today to see how you can take advantage of this amazing nutrient boosting IV and how buying a package can save you big!

Stand up straight for better health!

Your posture influences every aspect of your health. Having poor posture leads to stresses and strains in the muscles, tendon, ligaments, bone and soft tissues, but most importantly it leads to stresses and strains in the nervous system. Your nervous system functions best at a state of equilibrium. If you have abnormal postures, these stresses and strains will lessen your nervous systems ability to efficiently send signals to and from the different parts of the body. It has long been known that the nervous system is ultimately in charge of every other system in the body including the immune system. Stresses and strain in the immune system can lead to reduction in lymphatic and alterations in white blood cells which can increase the likelihood of getting a disease.

At Benchmark, Dr. Jason Haas is an expert if postural correction using CBP Chiropractic BioPhysics. No other chiropractic technique has as much date and technology to detect and correct abnormal posture and abnormal spines. We are amazing at pain relief, but it’s so much more than just neck pain and low back pain and headaches, we can alter your nervous system which can improve your body’s ability to heal and function! Call us today to see what our plans look like and to inquire about insurance benefits for physical medicine and rehabilitation and chiropractic.

If you are looking to supercharge your immunity this season, call us! We can help you discover how to take control of your immunity and fight the cold and flu season in ways you’ve never seen before. Call 970-686-9117 today!

Stop Text Neck before it’s too late!

Let’s say it’s a picture that dropped your jaw with wonder. It’s the best picture you’re seen of your daughter’s 4th grade Birthday party. Or that perfectly timed catch your teenage son made on the football field. Or you’re received the best text of your life and have to respond with every emoticon that fully describes how outstanding it was! Or the perfect blogpost that you want to finish before the end of the shift. Or you’ve spent way too much time on Facebook or playing your teenage son’s PlayStation all weekend long.

Face it, we are all spending more and more time on machines that are making our world closer to each other with technology, more beautiful (sometimes) and so interesting and fascinating that we now have access to information that no generation before us has had. Faster and faster every day.

Posture Is Important

But how often do you stop and look at yourself while you’re using the device in your hand, or how you look when you are slumping over your computer all day? When was the last time you saw a picture of you posture while you are slouching on the couch watching a marathon of Netflix movies? Unfortunately, our abnormal posture for hours on end has serious consequences and those consequences include neck pain and “text Neck. This is the consequence of having our head tilted down and bent and shifted forward while we shift our ribs backwards and make our shoulder round instead of upright like they should be. This posture eventually overwhelms the muscles, tendons ligaments, bone and nerves and the result is neck and head pain and upper back and arm and had pain as well as the sharp burning pains that feel like hot knives in between our shoulders that can lead to severe pain, disability and needless suffering with illness and poor health.

If you are suffering, you really must ask yourself these questions,

  1. What am doing to cause this pain?
  2. When is my posture poor?
  3. What can I do with my job positions and computers, devices and other technology that will reduce the total time in abnormal postures?
  4. Who can help?

The answers are,

1) Your Pain Is Caused By Nerves

Your pain is caused by nerves that are recognizing abnormal loads damaging stresses and firing sensations to your brain that you perceive as pain. Your body is trying to communicate with your brain to tell you that your positions are causing stresses and strains and this is leading to tissue damage. Stop the ongoing tissue damage and the pain will lessen if you haven’t had it too long. If you catch this pain and abnormal tissue soon enough, the pain often goes away completely. If you wait too long it can become permanent and chronic!

2) Your Posture Might Be Distorted

Your posture is poor anytime you are shifted or twisted or bent or stretched in a position away from normal for a prolonged period of time. If the posture is very distorted, it can only be a few seconds before your body will tell you to stop, but if it’s an insidious posture like text neck, it can cause slow damage over time leading to permanent abnormal posture. When your posture is normal, your head sits over your torso, your torso is over your pelvis and right above the mid-point in between your feet. From the side, normal posture is the ear lined up with the shoulder, the shoulder in line with the hips and the hips over the ankles.

Your posture is likely poor when you sit in front of a laptop, when you use a tablet or large phone for videos, texts threads, and surfing and its likely you don’t realize how much time you are spending like in abnormal postures. It’s likely you have poor posture if you ride a motorcycle, drive a truck for extended periods or work in many of the trades and industrial fields. Factory workers are at risk of posture-caused pain and suffering as are nurses, surgeons, therapists and veterinarians. Poor posture lurks on the trains we ride in the planes we fly in and those not-so-luxurious beds that we find in our hotels across the country. Poor posture is epidemic and the consequences are with neck pain and low back pain being some of the biggest reasons for disability in the world!

3) Be Aware Of Your Posture & Position

You can reduce the time in abnormal postures by first being aware of you position as frequently as possible. Doing a “posture check” to see how your body is positioned can begin to condition you to make good posture a habit. If you begin to work on your posture when you cook, brush your teeth, sit in the car on the way to work, and how you sit at the office, stand at your station, or whatever you may do, your awareness of better posture habits will begin to “work” on improving your posture, but you will need to be dedicated and check in frequently.

Unfortunately, most people who try to change their posture find that they are “stuck” in the abnormal posture and sitting up straight causes more pain, causes muscles to fatigue and acts as a negative reinforcement against improving posture. This vicious cycle will eventually lead to pain in both good postures and bad and can become permanent pain with suffering and disability as the end result.

4) We Can Help!

The doctors at Benchmark Medical Group in Windsor are truly experts in the field of postural and structural rehabilitation. Using CBP™ Structural Rehabilitation, CBP™ Chiropractic, Power Plate® Physical Therapy, GNAT total body rehab, weight loss, ergonomic and postural education and so much more, the doctors at Benchmark can show you where you posture needs to improve and we have the tools, expertise and technology to lessen your pain, make you stronger and show you the ways that you can change your posture.

We have specific Mirror Image® traction and gentle exercises than can restore normal structure and function to damaged spine, improve pain and range of motion and assist in stabilizing abnormal spines to allow more exercise, better posture and better overall health and quality of life. Our research is 2nd to none, and out application of the art of Spinal rehabilitation has benefitted more than 7500 patients in the northern Colorado area.

Come see what we can do to change your posture and your life! Stop text neck before it stops you. Ask us how 970-686-9117

Take Control of Your Cravings

Everyone craves something, whether it’s just to put your feet up at the end of a long day or the “I Must have chocolate every day at 4:30” cravings. The desires are deep seated in most cases and the problem with feeding your desires is some of them make you stronger and some of them wreck your life. No one thinks that it’s deadly to have a bowl of ice cream and a cookie before bed. We know it’s “Bad for you” but deadly? hardly.

But when we couple that extra fat and calories and carbs we are eating every day, right before we are inactive and sleeping, it’s a ready-made disaster for your metabolism, your cardiovascular system, your gut nerve endings, the pain you’re suffering from and your overall health and wellbeing.

If you start to check off the list of these “little” things that we do as small habits, we can begin to see the pattern of why heart disease and diabetes and cancer and pre-mature death are growing so rapidly. If you are sleep deprived, Check that off. What about the number of minutes you spend focused on exercise per week? Do you let life get in the way of your exercise and “can’t find the time”? Unfortunately, you put inactivity with an imbalance in carbs and insulin, you will suffer eventually, and it is slow death with low energy, weight gain, no sex drive, bad posture and just feeling like a slug.

Take Back Control

When we slowly let our life and our body weight and our health and exercise get out of control; we are in a dire situation in deed. Heart failure still kill almost ½ of us and the steps we take to prevent it can keep us around for decades, but if we choose to “let our health slide” for the kids’ soccer and dance schedule, for our husbands and wives’ problems, for the boss, and our jobs and school and everything that we let get in the way. If you let your life prevent you from exercising and taking care of your diet, you posture, your muscles, gut, brain and heart, unfortunately it will cost you your life. Don’t let this happen!

If you want to know the steps necessary to understand how you got where you are, and then shown a clear path to turn it around, ask us. We have answers. We have a team of providers and technology that can help you get your life back.

You don’t need to be controlled by your cravings, your desires, and habits, there is a solution and we can find it together. When you know that the “little things” that you are doing to your body and health are costing you time with your kids, your love life, your strength, vigor and endurance, isn’t it time to seek the way out?

We Can Help You Lose Weight

We can help you lose weight, we can get you back on your feet again after injury and poor lifestyle, we can fix your posture and improve your overall health and well-being with our unique team approach to your health and ultimate function. We can help you reach your health dreams and goals, but we can’t do it unless we can talk to you. Please, take our helping hand in guiding you down the path of the best a healthy life can give you. Don’t Delay your happiness any longer! It’s killing you. Let’s change that now.

Transform Your Body with Fat!

Fat is a double-edged sword. If the fat in your body and the fat in your diet is the wrong kind, or if there is too much of it, or if it is out-of-balance with your protein and carbs, the results can kill you. Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer, hormone disruption and may other diseases are all worsened (or caused by) too much fat or the wrong kind.

Fat matters!

Both on your body and in your food, if it is healthy and well-functioning, it’s protective, nutrient rich and the fat you choose can enhance your entire brain and body. There’s a reason some of those fats are called Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s).

However, in order for you to know what is the best fat to choose and how it won’t increase body fat, you must first understand that if you’re going to live off of your fat, you can’t let sugar get in the way. When you are burning sugar (carbs, glucose, etc.) as your first energy source, you will never get to use fat in the way that your body can and should. Unless you are a marathon runner or working out to Olympic Levels, your body will choose to burn sugar first.

Typically, when we eat more than a certain amount of carbs (in grams) we end up using that as our first source of energy, and any dietary fat that we consume is stored in the form of fat instead of be broken down into the specific fat’s components. We don’t metabolize our fat until we start using it as our first source of energy, either burning our own body fat (if we need to) or burning the fat we eat in our diets.

Understanding how to reduce carbohydrates, increase fat and protein should be done in a supervised environment, as the numbers can vary from person to person depending on so many variables. For example, an athletic young man may burn fats as a source of energy most of the time at levels of 100 grams of total carbohydrates eaten in a day. A middle-aged woman may require as low as 15-20 grams to fully use fat as the primary energy source of the body. This is not easy to do for most typical American diets. That is why the expertise of the physicians and weight loss coaches at Benchmark will treat each person uniquely.

No one is exactly the same and it’s foolish for diet companies to treat everyone the same. The factors of metabolism, hormones, sleep, medications, inflammation, posture, strength, hydration and more are all an important of what needs to be measured to really transform your life and show you how the lifestyle changes that you must make in order to survive and thrive are made.

Once you are burning fat as you first source of energy, amazing things happen.

Fat loss is easy and rapid and many folks will see they are burning 1000kCal a day of their own body fat!! They often will lose .5-1.5% of their body fat in 10 days and we see people lose 40 pounds of fat or more in 2 months! The body is amazing and once the obstacles to fat burning are removed, we have the amazing ability to shrink fat quickly, safely and permanently with the understanding that nutrition is for life! Once you know how to accomplish this “Burn-Fat-First” metabolism, you see and feel the transformation and lean how the human metabolism can effectively burn fat with amazing results.

Now, fast forward to the new you.

You’ve reached your body fat goal! Congratulations! (Fortunately, we get to tell people every day at Benchmark, “you made your goal!”)

Your body fat has normalized and you are now able to exercise more effectively and efficiently because you are not carrying such a heavy load. Your joints feel better and you find it easier to do things longer because your endurance is so much better. At this point your body can be given a choice to burn fat or to burn carbohydrates as a source of energy. You can now do everything in your power to improve the fats that your body is using from a nutritional perspective and the higher the quality of fats in your diet, the more your cells can truly become more pliable and flexible and this cellular change in the fatty membranes of your cells will be reflected in your beautiful eyes, your improving skin, your hair will have increased luster, you will notice that stubborn fat area are no longer as stubborn. Body fat quickly shrinks if it increases because you know how to “turn-on” your fat burning systems now. Our programs make belly fat shrink and it stays away! Fat is an excellent source of energy when you need to lose it, and once your body fat is normal, the fats you choose can continue the body transformation process. Learn how to transform you!

If you are interested in more topics like this, please join us every Tuesday at 5:30 at Benchmark Medical Group at 1180 Main Street Suite 8, Windsor CO 80550
Call ahead so we can have treats and samples! 970-686-9117

Small Steps to Big Changes

We all want a body that we love right? That is the goal of many people’s health changes, they want to look better, they want to feel better and they want to function better for as long as they can. We’re supposed to love ourselves and our bodies, right? However, most people don’t know what the first steps to better health should be and even where to begin. This not knowing “how” to do what is necessary to really be healthy is sometimes so daunting that people choose to do nothing and make no sustainable changes that result in anything that even remotely resembles health.

The Battle Is Real

Face it folks, we are in a real battle over our waistlines and our bodies and our health overall. Fewer and fewer adults in America are at or even near normal body weight, and many of those that have “normal” weight have a poor body composition and they have a skewed muscle to fat ratio that makes them even more susceptible to the biggest killers including heart attack, diabetes, other cardiovascular disease, cancer, infection, thyroid and hormone problems and early death. We are in a sickness spiral in America.

Many people need to get a grip on their health and do it quick or the damage may be irreversible. Don’t be a statistic. You can change your life. You can take control. You are the master of your destiny and understanding that it just takes a series of very small steps to make huge changes in how you look and how you feel and function. Exercise doesn’t have to be hard. Just walk farther, move more, stretch, use your body as much as you can without hurting yourself. If you can start to move again, you will get the ball rolling and small amounts of daily exercise will begin to show you results over time. And most importantly get a coach! Our therapists and trainer can show you how to move and not injure yourself.

Small Changes Make A Difference

Small changes in your kitchen can have a huge impact. NO MORE SODA can change your life! Simply taking a few highly processed fat and sugar laden foods out of your diet and replacing them with real, whole fresh foods can benefit you in a matter of days, and over time, your gut and every part of your body will thank you for making the small step away from processed foods.

Small changes in your exercise and food habits, like always preparing meals at the same time and always designating time for exercise at the same time every day can begin to program you to make small changes grow into bigger and bigger achievements. If you can get to where you are walking two miles per day, you can reduce the risk of dying from all diseases by almost 50%! Think of the time you will have to spend with your children and grandchildren!

Simply replacing all of your fluids with water can have a profound impact on hair, skin, fingernails, wrinkles and fat loss. Simply improving your mineral balance in your body can get you feeling more flexible, less pain and better sleep. Simply balancing your hormones can get you losing weight, feeling younger and improving muscle. The changes do not have to be drastic to have a profound impact.

Getting your pain under control and fixing your posture can dramatically improve the quality of your life and as your posture improves, you’ll look and feel younger and stronger. Having a CBP Structural chiropractor is an important part of the small steps that can have huge impact. Less pain and better posture means fewer sleepless nights, fewer headaches, less back pain and better overall health and wellbeing!

At Benchmark Medical, we have the physicians, the technology and the tools to change your life. Call us today to see how or custom programs can show you the small changes that you can make to have huge impact on your life and your future!

What are you waiting for? Health is waiting for you, contact us today!

Choose to Change your Life!

We all have a choice in this life. Every interaction we have we have a choice that will determine whether or not we are better, happier, healthier, or more well-informed as a result of that interaction.

At Benchmark, we have made the choice to change the lives of the people we interact with in the complete transformation of their bodies, their lifestyle, and their ability to do the things they want to do. Our providers have the tools necessary to completely transform your body and your ability to use your body in the way that you desire in a way that you will not find in any other facilities.

We have techniques and tools that can completely transform you from flabby to fit; from lean-to-mean, and our performance enhancement tools can completely change who you think you are, and what you thought you could do with your body. If you are ready to understand what real transformation means, call us. Let’s talk about what your future can be.

The goals and dreams that you have about performing with your body can be realized if you are willing to do and experience what we have to offer. Come see why our patients Rave about our outcomes and experience for yourself the amazing transformation that can take place at benchmark. Learn what it feels like to be young again. You do not have to suffer; you do not have to have the pain that you are feeling now.

Our corrective Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Fitness, Weight Loss, Age Management & Anti-aging Medicine and Therapies can completely transform your body.

Choices Can Lead To Freedom

The choices that you make with your health can improve your outlook for more freedom to do what you want to do now, as well and the long term out loo of your freedom for longer and longer periods of time depending on your choices.

  • What would you do if you next choice of what you think say, or do could impact the interaction you have for the rest of your life?
  • What could you accomplish if you choose to make every choice the healthy one – the best choice, statement, or action to make the best possible outcome? What would you accomplish?

Many people in Windsor, Colorado don’t realize the jewel they have in Benchmark. We have flexible schedules, we have amazing therapists and we have the technology that gets the job done while being economical and affordable for the whole family. You are paying so much for your insurance, but what are you paying for the investment in your own health? Are you putting aside money for emergencies or are you investing in preventing illness, diseases and future problems?

Join Us For A Complimentary Educational Class

We have complimentary educational classes every week on Tuesday at 5:30 at 1180 Main Street. If you have metabolic diseases, obesity, pain, diabetes, inflammatory conditions or if you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, the doctors at Benchmark may have a solution for you!

If you want to talk about true overall lifestyle transformation, give us a call. Ask about our family specials!

Regenerative Deep Joint Injections

We are excited to introduce a new service that will benefit our patient suffering from pain associated with arthritis and joint damage. Our nurse practitioner and medical doctor are now able to provide injections to deep joint pain and loss of function.

What is used?

The injected substance is very similar to human synovial joint fluid and is called hyaluronic acid. The other names that are commonly used are Rooster comb, Cocks Comb, sodium hyaluronate, Supartz™ and others. We will be using the trademarked formulation known as Supartz®

Who can benefit?

If you suffer from pain in your knees or other large joints that is the result of osteoartirits, old injuries or loss of normal joint function due to degeneration, you may be a candidate for a series of joint injections designed to improve joint range of motion, decrease pain and increase synovial fluid. This FDA approved technology is revolutioning joint regeneration and enabling people to get their fitness and weight under control.

The technique involves a complete evaluation to see if you are a candidate, but most of the individuals who seek care can get relief with our techniques.  Some may need joint replacement surgery and we will instruct those patients that they are not candidates for the treatment.

The evaluation is detailed and thorough, we handle the paperwork and it only takes about an hour on the first visit. We are able to help so many people suffering from joint and knee pain and the joint injection, if necessary only makes all of the other amazing services we provide even better. If you remotely think that you are candidate, we will evaluate you regardless.

Does it hurt?

The area of injection is numbed prior to the injection so there is not pain associated with the injection. There can be some redness and swelling in the joint following the procedure, but this is usually mild and subsides quickly. If you experience other symptoms, please return to the office to have them evaluated.

How can I get started?

Contact the office at 970-686-9117 for more information and scheduling.

To see our current specials, see:

To see more information about the injections, please see:

Love and the Normal Spinal Model

Dr Jason (Photo)Don and Sang were always yelling at each other.  They loved each other so much and were completely dependent each other  to maintain the CBP Non-profit load they too care of, but they did like to yell. Not in a mean way, just loud.  When Don died, the house was very quiet. I miss him and looking back, I know it was just how they communicated.  Back then, Sandy and I had just arrived from Elko and we really didn’t know what they were going to have us do in the time that we were there.  When we got there it was so cold, but not near as cold as the upcoming winter. Don’s herd of deer piled around the house and the piles of grain Don would give them to keep them from dying in the brutal Wyoming winters. I helped finish the bathroom downstairs and created a sound proof box for a noisy pump next to the “nerve center” of CBP, Sang’s basement office. But my work there went from physical to cerebral very quickly.

It was right to work, right away.  I was told by Don that I was to start writing the missing parts to several clinical studies and research that was sitting around and piling up.  Don did not like to see projects go unfinished.  He was an incredibly steadfast worker and he would start early in the morning at the computer writing paragraph after paragraph and reference list after reference list to satisfy the demands of the most prestigious journals in the world. He would usually keep working until dinner at 6 and then often go back to it until 9 at night.  Don would sit in his room on the south side of the house and the blasting Wyoming sun would pour into the window and light up the room.  He would print tables and charts from the various other contributing authors and would sit and stare at these single pieces of paper for incredibly long periods of time.

When he was done analyzing the charts, graphs and tables and scripts that were being sent to him he would come into the kitchen.  The open format of the house had the table just off the kitchen (where I worked) and he would get another cup of Coffee or grab something to snack on from the fridge.  He would feed Spot a few pieces of bologna and ask if I wanted to see what he was working on.  Most of the time I was eager to listen and learn from what I knew was education material way beyond my understanding.  Some of the time the things that Don would try to explain to me just made me feel so ignorant, I didn’t even comprehend what I didn’t understand and I was essentially left speechless.

But Don was a patient teacher.  He would take the time to show me the scatter plots and re-enforce the meaning of the values and tell me if that particular table or chart fit into a larger matrix and he would try to explain the mechanics of the topic, the various linear algebra concepts that he knew I could only understand as a doctor, but not as a mathematician.  Don was not afraid to laugh at my stupid questions, but he would always know that the questions I asked him were sincere.  He would walk into his office and pull out a book or two and turn to where my questions would be answered.

Don would yell down the stairs that my gorgeous future wife Sandy had forgotten to refill the coffee pot and she needed to come make a new pot.  Sang would come up early in the afternoon and start making the vegetables and meat that she would later have us combine with the constantly full rice maker.  She loved the spicy Jalapeno and the occasional Asian peppers that would come through Evanston, so it always smelled good.  She would spend the whole time prepping the food teaching Sandy and I how to market, micro-reporting to the patient,s and the general state of compliance and political shenanigans in the profession.

Many of the days were spent preparing the packages for Spine and the other journals.  This required multiple color copies of any table, figure, and multiple copies of the text, references and information on the contributing authors.  All of the papers to be scrutinized by the hardest reviewers in the world needed to be perfect if there was even a remote chance that the paper would be accepted for further review.

I remember hours and hours that Don and I would pour over the papers, editing the biomechanics book, workin on the cervical rehab book and later the lumbar rehab book. Don was working on the studies to silence the generally ridiculous complaints that those who did not understand CBP® fully would make. But in reality, he was publishing and working so hard to add credibility to what he saw was the most elegant and effective way to improve quality of life through better spinal biomechanics.  Don attempted to reeducate the entire profession of chiropractic and the community of spine and spinal disorders and rehabilitation with the understanding of the normal spinal model and the importance of normalizing abnormal postural biomechanics.

This concept of a normal spinal model using finite element mathematical concepts and the fundaments of linear algebra was an undertaking that the profession of chiropractic had never seen before Don Harrison.  Don took his understanding of mathematical stresses and strains and the effects of those strains on tissues and created a model that was explainable, repeatable and reliable in understanding loads on the human spine; and what improvement of those loads through specific forms of rehabilitation did for health.

Don was a revolutionary and his passion, like that of most fiery revolutionaries, created tensions with those in the profession.  These tensions usually originated from those that felt that Don was now telling other doctors that what they had been doing for years or decades was wrong, inadequate, or foolish.

Objective viewpoints are often met by the strongest opposition when emotions are high.  Like many healing professions, when the application of one’s treatment leads to improvement in the subjective nature of the patient’s conditions, ego and arrogance can overtake rational thought. But it’s never too late to put those emotional biases away and learn what can be monumental to understanding what to do for suffering patients.

Many chiropractors didn’t understand that Don was not looking at these topics of spinal analysis and treatment from the perspective of just a tremendously successful practicing chiropractic physician, but also from his deep and credentialed understanding of mechanics, a most fundamental branch of all of the sciences.  Those in the profession that were open minded and understood the importance of science to justify philosophy generally embraced Don. Those that were of the more esoteric, vitalistic, or experimental portions of the profession seemed to rebel strongly against Don, for his “mechanistic” viewpoints.   However, Don taught me quite simply that Philosophy, or the love of knowledge came from the scrutiny of nature, or essentially, science. The “philosophical” chiropractors didn’t understand that Don was giving the philosophy of chiropractic a firm foundation in scientific  scrutiny of the spine! Don was validating the philosophy!

What people fail to realize is that Don scrutinized EVERY aspect of every problem he was faced with.  If he had been given  a process, he would take it apart and see what the likelyhood of that process being repeatable, reliable, valid and applicable.   The development of the Mirror Image™ Adjustments, Traction, and Exercise were the result of Don scrutinizing all of the possible interactions that a person could have with a chiropractor, physical therapist, DO, MD, or any of the other “specialists” that even attempt to address abnormal spines.  Don was looking at the spine from such a deep perspective that through his work, he was able to establish a much better position for the profession in the professions of the spinal surgeons, diagnosticians, and researchers.  Don added his credibility to a profession that, before him, was floundering in the scientific scrutiny that is necessary for any Licensed profession that  treats spinal disorders and health in general.

Don and the CBP® protocols spread to many clinics around the country, is now taught as core curriculum in chiropractic colleges and the research and evidence that Don presented has been used in numerous trials and court hearing when advancing the understanding of spine trauma and disorders has been of question.

Fortunately, Don was wise enough to instill in his son the importance of the work that he had dedicated his life to, the knowledge he had acquired and the skill at patiently teaching the material to those in this profession.  He gave Deed Harrison the tools and the know-how to be a great clinician and treating physician as well as a phenomenally credentialed and researched leader of the profession. There are many chiropractors that learned CBP® from Don and may have had the opportunity to meet Deed once twice, or maybe attended seminars in the last ten years, but have not kept up with the material.

For those of you that feel that you know CBP®, I want you to know that there are many, many new pieces to the puzzle that Deed has placed.  He has designed a scalable model of business understanding, clinical application, patient and doctor education tools, and a treatment protocol that is second to none. Deed has taken the love and understanding of the treatment toward the normal spinal model and created clinical procedures and patient tools that make improving spinal disorders a repeatable, reliable skill that passionate chiropractors can take advantage of.

If you have a desire to truly help more patients, if you want certainty in the application of your trade, and if you are ready to be the distinguished member of your local area with proven, effective, safe and reproducible results, please see what Dr. Deed has created in the CBP® Doctor Institute.  I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

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