Broiled Balsamic Salmon

Broiled Balsamic Salmon –phase – phase 1-4, serves 2

As adapted from Goop

2 half pound fillets of salmon

¼ cup Bragg’s Liquid Aminoes

¼ cup of vinegar

2 tbsp Walden Farms balsamic vinaigrette dressing

2 lime wedges

1 tbsp of Walden Farms pancake syrup

1 tbsp light olive oil

freshly ground black pepper

In a large bowl, add the pancake syrup, Braggs Liquid Aminoes, vinegar,  balsamic vinaigrette and a few cracks of black pepper from the mill. Slowly drizzle in oil and whisk until all combined.

Place salmon filets in a sealable container or a plate that can hold the liquid and pour marinade over the fish. Cover and refrigerate 4-12 hours.

When ready to cook, remove fish from marinade and place on a baking sheet. Set broiler to medium high and place fish on the rack second closets to the heat. Cook skin side up for around 2-3 minutes. Turn and cook for another 2-3 minutes. Remove from oven.

Serve with lime wedge.

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