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Humans are often most discouraged by their own weakness.  They see challenges, attempt to accept and complete those challenges, and then, when they fail or fall short, they punish themselves with thoughts of inadequacy, weakness and failure and often quit.  Unfortunately, on the road to better health and life improvement, failure is not an anomaly, but often the norm.

Failure in the pursuit should not be seen as weakness or inadequacy; it should be seen as an important part of the journey.  Failure to complete the goal or the task should drive you to work harder, work smarter and move relentlessly toward your goal.  Most often, however, failure to stick to a program or complete the desired goal leads the person to give up entirely and succumb to the failure.

When you succumb to failure and give up you original health goal, this will only lead to more feelings of inadequacy, and will create mental conflict that you’re not good enough, that you are inherently a failure, and that there is no possible way to succeed.

If you are working toward getting healthy, decreasing pain from trauma or deconditioning, or trying to lose weight to get your body fat and your body under control, you will fail. You will fail with moments of weakness, jealous people around you will sabotage you, and you will fail with thoughts of inadequacy.  This failure is important, necessary and if observed correctly will be your motivating springboard to get back on track, accomplish your goals and stick to the program!

The only way that you will succeed in achieving your goals is first knowing that the journey is not going to be fast or easy, and second, know that you have supporters around you that love you, care about your success and want to see you as healthy and happy as you deserve to be.  This can only happen with a team supporting you.  The vast majority of people who try to accomplish health and weight goals on their own will not get back on track after the first failure, they will see that they can’t possibly make it and just give up. However, when you are on the path toward health with your spouse, your friends or co-workers and have a team of supporters, you are
more likely to pick up the pieces after a brief failure and get back to the plan.

If you are ready to join a movement to Reshape Your Destiny in 2014, Benchmark Medical Group in Windsor, Colorado has the physicians, dieticians, and therapists to ensure that you have a support structure to help you create reasonable goals, stick to them, and we’ll be there to pick you up and get you back on track if you momentarily fail.  Don’t let a brief failure discourage you!  You can have the body you desire, the health you deserve and you can reach your goals, you simply need a great team around you and once you see what we have to offer, you will know that you are in the right place and we are the right team to get you where you’re going. woohooWhat are you waiting for?  When will NOW be the right
time to start living the healthy, happy life you deserve?  Call us today to see the amazing specials we have to offer!!


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