Best Body You’ve Ever Had.

If you exercise and have felt that doing the same old routine is getting you nowhere, we have a solution.  If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, we have a solution.  If you’ve been told by your doctor that you need to lose weight but, don’t have the motivation or know-how, we have a solution.  If you are tired of taking handfuls of medicines that make you feel crappy, we have a solution.  If you want the best body of your life, we have a solution.
I love to exercise. I have not always been like this.  I went several years, possibly a decade where I did very little exercise outside of the short hikes to the lakes I fish at.  Now, my life and my body are completely different than they used to be.  When our daughter was born, I gained almost 35 pounds of “sympathy weight.” This let me to be borderline hypertensive and I felt like a slow lazy slug.  Since then, I have changed everything about how I eat, how I think and how I exercise.
I purchased many amazing fitness and rehab tools for my office because I wanted to help my patients become the people they want to be.  I’ve seen miraculous transformations in hundreds of patients over the last several years and now the changes in both me and my patients are astounding.  Combing the amazing results we get from the PowerPlate® and the core-shredding TRX® suspension training is beginning to transform my own body and the bodies of our patients in ways we never imagined.
The best aspect of this new training is the fact that we have the experience to custom tailor exercises and programs to fit the individual needs of our patients.  This custom experience makes our facility very special to each and every individual we see.  We have so many different ways to help people restore and regain their health!
If you have ever wanted to see what you can achieve in terms of health and fitness, we have ways to create a totally new you!  Call us today to ask about our special offers and to see if you are a candidate for the amazing tools we have available at Benchmark Medical.
Dr. Jason W. Haas

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