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Windsor Co Health Goals ChiropracticYou are completely unique. You have your own fingerprint, your own DNA, your own voice profile and your own mind. You are completely different from every other person on this planet and you have thus really have NO competition! You do not have to compete with the person on the magazine cover, or be as smart as the MIT professor, and your only responsibility is to make sure you know what that uniqueness in you is and go out and do it, be it, create it!

You may have the capability to write poetry that makes the biggest stoic weep. You may have the ability to climb a vertical rock face with no ropes, you may be able to raise the best, most well-adjusted, happiest child possible. You may be able to feed thousands through a soup-kitchen, teach tens of thousands through a university or lead a team to accomplish great things. What is your unique gift?

You don’t have to look at the next person and say, “Why can’t I be like them?” You couldn’t be like them if you wanted to be! You are completely different and each of you has your own uniqueness!

The goal is to find out what you’re living for, what your purpose is, and what your deepest desire is and then focus every bit of your body, mind, spirit and energy on having that purpose fulfilled. And, it seems like the most fulfilling experiences are those that we share emotionally with others and those that contribute to the joy and happiness around us.

So, we’re all different, we are all unique, but we crave experiences that bring us happiness, and shared emotions. In spite of our differences, we have a shared experience. Joy unites us and joy brings us closer to each other and strengthens our communities. When we are not seeking that goal of deep contribution to the joy we feel and those around us feel, the result is pain and suffering.

The ultimate question then becomes, “How do I get to my goals, and what is the foundation of being able to make these goals a reality?” The answer is, your state of health!

Your health will be the single most important factor in you understanding your uniqueness, making concrete action towards joyful fulfillment of, and achieving your goals. Physical, spiritual, mental, personal, career, relationship, educational and any other goal you can think of will be dependent on your own state of health! If you are not well, you are not fully achieving your unique self! If you do not have your health then you contribution to yourself, your family and your community will never be fully expressed. If you’re not pumping on all cylinders, don’t expect your passion-generating, joy creating, life fulfilling body to run!

If you want to see what maximum achievement of goals can create in your life, then make the center of your life revolve around improving your health in all aspects of your being! Get close to perfect health and you will see what perfect clarity, perfect expression, and perfect destiny fulfillment can be for you!

Let us at Benchmark Medical Group in Windsor help you find the path to perfect health so you can see the true expression of you!

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