Accelerate Your Results!

When was the last time you did more than 1000 repetitions of an exercise at the gym? How often do you do 1500 curls in one session of lifting?  When was the last time you achieved a 2 hour workout in 30 minutes?

Chances are you’ve never done any of these things because you’re not maximizing your fitness with the Powerplate®!  The Powerplate acceleration technology is a truly unique way to get the physical fitness goals you’re looking for. The whole body vibration caused by the plate vibrates between 25 and 50 Hertz (cycles-per-second).  As the plate vibrates at these rates, the muscles being used contract and relax at the same rate to accomplish truly incredible results with a rehabilitation program, a fitness regimen, or a re-conditioning program.

This vibration means that when you’re on the Powerplate for relatively short periods of time, 20-30 minutes, you’ll accelerate the benefits of the exercises can accomplish what would normally take you much, much longer.

If you have problems with flexibility, loss of strength, fatigue, pain, circulatory problems or are just out of shape, the Powerplate can jumpstart your body toward a healthier, happier you! We use the Powerplate in our facility for pre-surgical rehabilitation, post-surgical rehabilitation, general fitness and specialized programs for athletes of all levels.  If you are looking to sculpt your body, lose cellulite and improve your overall health without the pounding of your joints, the gentle whole body vibration of the Powerplate can allow you to accomplish your goals in record time.

The Powerplate is also truly an anti-aging machine. In 2005, the International Longevity Society named it the anti-aging device of the year.  The primary reason for this is the astounding effects the plate has on your body’s production of Human Growth Hormone (HgH).  This hormone is what keeps us looking young, keeps our muscles strong and our skin tight, it helps with energy and sex drive, and keeps our bodies young.  However, the normal aging process can show rapid declines in this vital hormone after the age of 35.  The Powerplate’s amazing technology has been shown to increase your own levels of HgH by as much as 350% in as little as 6 months of use, making the Powerplate a truly incredible tool for looking and feeling younger.

If you want to see amazing changes in your body in half the time it would take you in the typical gym setting, or if you’re looking to overcome old injuries and get your body looking and feeling younger, the Powerplate may be the tool to help sculpt a new you!  Call us today to see if you are a candidate for this amazing technology!

Dr. Jason W. Haas

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