Incredible Body Transformation 60 Day Special

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Fitness, Weight Loss, B12 shots & Body Contouring


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4 in 1 Amazing Package Includes

Weekly Body Sculpting or Skin Tightening (Ultrasonic cavitation / RF machine)

  • Non invasive, relaxing, pain free
  • Bursts fat cells with sound waves
  • Reduces fat, tightens skin, and smooths away cellulite (smooth, tone, contour)

Weekly Medial Weight Loss and Nutrition

  • Body Composition Analysis (BioSpace InBody 520)
  • Meal Planning and Tracking (paper or electronic app)
  • Blood Work Panel (covered by most insurances)

Weekly Fitness

  • 30 minute workout
  • Classes offered at convenient times throughout the day

Weekly B12

    • Keep up your energy levels


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