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Windsor Weight Loss ClinicOur patients lose weight. They lose lots of weight. They lose it fast and when they do what we tell them to do, they keep it off. However, there are always patients that wish to know some of the ways to speed up weight loss and body fat reduction. Here are some of the tips we cover at our complimentary Tuesday night nutrition and life coaching workshops.

1) Get More Sleep
Sleep is a critical component of improving weight loss and studies have shown that increasing sleep can accelerate fat loss. The body needs sleep to heal from injuries, recover from colds and flu, and sleep is necessary in the balance of our hormones, protein regulation and mood. Sleeping just an hour or two more per night can accelerate the fat loss program and most patients who improve sleep see other health conditions improve. Put away the smartphone, turn off the TV and turn darken the room, don’t let the room get above 72°, have some white noise and you will see quick results with better sleep and fat loss as a bonus!

2) Eat the Right Kind of Fat
It sounds crazy for me to talk about eating more fat when you want to lose body weight and reduce body fat, but fat matters! If you choose the wrong kind of fat, your body will not get sustainable energy, your cells won’t get the nutrients they need through their cell membranes and your brain will suffer! Eating essential fatty acids (EFA’s) is the first step and these fats are necessary for every cell in your body to function normally. Getting 3-6 grams of Omega 3 EFA’s daily can increase the enzymes necessary to burn fat and can aid in elimination and bowel movements, improve heart function, reduce the risk of stroke and improve gut health. Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT’s) are an important source of energy. Coconut oil, olive oil and grape seed oils are great oils to choose when eaten raw, when cooked, these are still great oils, but only to low temperatures. The higher the temp, the more the oils break down and the less energy we’ll get from them. Getting more of the right fat is better for your brain, your heart and your waist line!

3) Sweat!
Our body has an amazing system to remove and eliminate toxic substances. Sweating is a natural detoxifier and generating a sweat can get your metabolism pumping, increase your elimination and improve your skin. When you are well hydrated and really sweat, your fat literally begins to melt and you can see very significant changes quickly with frequent sweating sessions. Sweating should, of course, come from exercise, however there are other ways to get a good sweat, including steam and Infrared saunas, sweat suits, and hot baths with herbs that can produce a nice, whole body sweat. Use caution that you are plenty hydrated, have a diet rich in vitamins and minerals and sweating can be an excellent way to increase fat loss.

4) Spice It Up!
Many herbs and spices have medicinal properties. These herbs include turmeric, ginger, clove, cinnamon, oregano, basil, black pepper and garlic, just to name a few. Used liberally, these spices and herbs have the ability to improve your immune system and reduce your risk for dangerous inflammation. These herbs can help with pain, help improve gut health and have been used for thousands of years to successfully treat numerous health conditions. When combined with spicy foods like jalapeno and habanero and cayenne peppers, these foods also have a stimulatory effect of the metabolism. These metabolism stimulators can get your stubborn fat moving! If you’re not sweating when you’re eating, spice it up!

5) Count the Carbs
Carbohydrates can be an important part of human nutrition, however, our society has been over-dependent on sugary carbs and we eat grains, breads, and even sugary fruits and juices in quantities that cause our pancreas to over-produce insulin, and this in turns leads to fat storage, unregulated blood sugar, and eventually diabetes. Our consumption of carbohydrates far, far exceeds that of our ancestors and the consequences are disastrous for public health. The effect is literally killing us. Until we get our carbohydrate addiction under control, we are doomed to higher rates and younger cases of diabetes, worsening heart disease and Alzheimer’s, and a society that has a majority of people who are disabled due to obesity.

Learning to control our intake of carbs can not only help our pancreas heal and improve our blood sugar and diabetic conditions, when carbs are controlled enough, the body can re-regulate energy from sugar to fat. This conversion gives safe, fast fat loss. In our physician supervised program we are able to safely and effectively shrink body-fat stores and normalize weight and body composition. We can show you how to get the most out of the carbohydrates you consume and what is necessary to spare your protein/muscle and lose fat. Eating fat doesn’t make you fat, sugar does! Control the sugar and carbohydrates and you can change your body, change your weight and change your life.

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